Vararam VR-3GHemi Hemi Ram Air Kit


Fits all Hemi 5.7L trucks produced from 2003 – 2008

The Hemi under glass is more than performance, its about creating a show stopping look that is pure “MOPAR MUSCLE!”

Over 1 year in Design and R&D to deliver the jaw dropping performance for which Vararam systems have become legendary. This is a true retro system that any Hemi truck lover would be proud to show at any event.

• The unit is over 100% efficient- that means when you move the system is already pumping in air greater then your road speed at the throttle body, that’s how good the Hemi under glass flows

• Reduces 0-60mph times by as much as 1 full second on 4x4s and 6 tenths of a second on 2wd hemi trucks

• Reduces 1/4 miles times by as much as 6 tenths of a second! We guarantee you at least 3 tenths and 3mph no matter which truck you have.

This gives more performance improvement than.
Cat back exhaust
Power programmers
And so much more

All of this is backed by Vararam’s industry leading performance guarantee!

If it doesn’t deliver 3 tenths and 3mph in the 1/4 mile over factory, we will take the unit back and pay shipping both ways. You are out “NOTHING!”

We have been doing this for years and we look forward to bringing true Mopar performance enthusiasts into the Vararam family!


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