Dodge Challenger Catch Can

This is the RX Oil Separating Catch Can system by McNally. Who’s McNally? They’re an aerospace company that produces products for companies like Boeing, Mercedes and some others you might be familiar with. They are innovators in several industries and not new to the automotive space. Here’s some info about the Dodge Challenger Catch Can kit…

The Dodge Challenger is one of our favorite hot rods here at RX Speed Works and installing this catch can system is a cinch. If you’ve been looking into the catch can thing you know that in the stock PCV configuration it’s feeding combustion by-product directly into the intake. This results first and foremost in valve coking which is simply another way of referring to the carbon build up on the valves. This occurs due to the fact that the Challenger has a GDI (gasoline direct injection) engine. Not only that but ingesting this harmful by-product (unburned fuel, oil, water, sulfuric acid and a ton of other nasty compounds)results in a loss of power and fuel economy.

If you landed on this page we have to assume that you already know the basics and are considering a system for your Challenger. The Catch Can Guys here at RX Speed Works recommend the McNally Dual Valve System you see here. The kit is priced right and has everything you need e.g. Oil Catch Can, Clean Side Separator, Gates Barricade hose (with a Teflon shield three layers in), mounting brackets, one way check valves and all the necessary fittings. 

The dual valve can has three AN fittings on top, the center goes to the PCV valve or where you’re evacuating from. The two outside fittings are your outgoing vacuum ports, one runs to the intake manifold and the other in front of the throttle body. Both utilize a one way check valve so that when one vacuum source is providing vacuum the other is closed. They also prevent pressurization of the crank case to ensure gasket integrity.

The problem with the typical one in, one out single valve cans is they only work from idle to about quarter throttle. This system will work full time so that you’re pulling crank case vapors and relieving pressure from idle to wide open throttle.

It comes with a clean side separator (CSS) as well. This replaces your oil fill cap allowing the crank case to relieve pressure easily and alleviate air flow restrictions. The CSS accomplishes two things. It eliminates oil ingestion the factory valve cover breather creates and increases the catch cans efficiency by 30%.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to call or email us anytime.

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