05-10 Mustang Billet Belt Tensioner & 76mm Double Bearing Pulley


Tired of buying factory aluminum or steel belt tensioners that bend, break or get weak over time causing belt slip and belt alignment issues? Have you been hearing belt squeaking noises, power steering feel weak or your AC not as cold even after changing the belt? Chances are your tensioner is going bad or is already bad, don't get left stranded. If the tensioner is weak it will allow the belt to slip slightly causing the belt to glaze over. A glazed belt would be the cause of your squeaking problems, slipping and even throwing the belt off. Replacing the tensioner is the most effective way to cure this problem.

Make the switch to a UPR Billet 3 Bolt Belt Tensioner for your 2005-2010 Ford Mustang GT (fits many other applications, see list below). This all new belt tensioner is 50% thicker than the factory pieces and made from 6061 Billet Aluminum that will prevent any kind of bending or breaking. Includes Billet 76mm hardcoat anodized tensioner pulley with our extreme duty double bearing pulley but will also work with the factory pulley as well. Greatly reduces belt slip especially on manual transmission vehicles that shock the belt system more than automatics.

Custom made spring for better belt tension and built with custom needle bearings and SS races for smooth tensioner movement throughout it's operating range. This is all backed by our lifetime guarantee!

Product Features

» Show Quality Finish
» Helps reduce belt slip
» 50% Thicker tensioner arm
» Easy 15 minute installation
» Pulley is Hardcoat Anodized
» 100% CNC Machined 6061 Billet Aluminum
» Works with both 6 and 8 rib belt systems
» Recommended for vehicles with manual transmissions
» Billet 3 Bolt Belt Tensioner w/76mm Double Bearing Pulley
» Includes Billet 76mm Double Bearing Pulley (same diameter as stock)
» Replaces factory 3 bolt tensioner that is prone to bending and breaking
» Available in Satin or Polished – Select Finish Above

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